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Art not only allows individuals to know themselves and others, but it also facilitates interaction among societies. Tourism, on the other hand, supports the development of social structure, cultural dialogue, and economic exchange. Art and tourism have an indispensable quality in establishing communication between societies. Art tourism, which is rapidly developing as a new type of tourism within cultural tourism, has a stimulating and increasing power on tourism demand. Many countries/regions/cities attract a large number of tourists by creating a new image with artists, artworks, and art events. Destinations that offer cultural and artistic resources to culture and art tourists, who are better educated, more eager to learn, environmentally conscious, spend more time in the places they visit, and therefore have higher purchasing power, gain a significant advantage. Art has become one of the most important reasons to travel, shapes the expectations of tourists, and cities that transform their art potential into tourism become more attractive. At the same time, cultural/artistic values in rural areas are revived and encouraged for tourism purposes.

For this reason, our organization, which guides the sector, has created the CaresseArt project to lead and pioneer in the field of Art Tourism. Our goal is to contribute to the development of Art Tourism for both the region and Turkey and to encourage efforts in this regard. CaresseArt combines the architectural structure of our organization with nationally renowned artists and creates a project in this field that has been accomplished.


We have decided on the theme of Artistic Integrity for Caresse Art in 2023, focusing on the integrative nature of art, spanning from the micro to the macro. The concept of Artistic Integrity is based on the principle of achieving coherence in an artwork by considering elements such as shape, color, form, texture, repetition, proportion, distance-proximity, and alignment. In our case, we approached this coherence as the integration of art with the architecture, nature, and spirit of the space, aiming to provide an integrated art experience. We aimed for this unity, where art nurtures the space and architecture, to reach a macro level by involving those who engage in this journey towards art.

Opinions and senses are the only worldly concepts that shape and make us into works of art. As an artist, my mission in all of my work is to evaluate people's sociological and psychological approaches among these worldly concepts and make them more meaningful with the power of art. Whatever we see, eat, or hear, we are actually shaping our lives like a sculptor with our internal desires or affirmative preferences. In doing so, we are actually shaping our souls. My goal in designing the artistic approach of the Caresse Art project was to be a part of this shaping process and bring people together under a life umbrella, just like the strong influence of nature and architecture in living spaces. From this idea, the sense of creating a platform for a multidisciplinary art approach came to the fore. With this project, we were able to create podiums where art pieces reflect the importance of the spaces they crown, while also providing unique platforms for Turkish artists to express themselves. I could not have found a better place than Caresse to create these podiums with its architectural structure, location, and philosophy. With the investment of the Büyükhanlı family, this world we offer is the first project that hosts both spatial and artistic aspects. With our international artist portfolio, we also want to set an example for many institutions in terms of culture and tourism, and develop the art economy in the region. We have two goals that we feel responsible for here. The first is to create an important cultural and tourism aspect for art under the leadership of Bodrum, one of the important points of cultural tourism, and Caresse, which is a valuable asset of Bodrum. To enable local and foreign art lovers to experience the impact and integrity of art in their renewal areas. Our second goal is to prioritize the presentation and economic conditions of the artist and support it. In order to demonstrate our importance to this issue, we have established a separate department within CaresseArt. We plan to support our artists in many different areas and groups throughout the season by creating all the areas that the artist needs within the artistic framework for art lovers. With this structure, I also dream of creating a fascinating shaping and memory record in people's lives. I would be happy to implement an innovative Art Route art project that we continue with 60 artists and 400 works of art, after discussing with approximately 610 artists. Our program, created with Turkey's leading artists, will last for 6 months. We would be honored to develop this world together and would appreciate your support in this exciting adventure that we will open in June.

Elçin Sümer

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