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Caresse Hotel and Residences,

In my professional career, among the tourism structures I have realized, Caresse holds a very special place. It is a rare and exceptional situation where the desires and objectives of both the investors and the designers converge so closely, resulting in such harmony. This became a reality at Caresse. Our mutual understanding throughout various aspects of the project also extended to the realm of "artwork." Our aim was to create a collection with unique and valuable pieces... With this vision, the collection that emerged became an integral part of the hotel as the years passed. The artistic approach that evolved as a part of the institution's structure will now continue to flourish with CaresseArt. My joy of being the designer of Caresse is further amplified and fills me with pride with CaresseArt.



I consider and design each of my projects as a work of art. Infusing our decorations with art requires distinct touches. Art, in turn, acts as a cultural unifier that elevates human perception from completeness of life to emotional fulfillment. At Caresse, in projects such as Buddha Bar Beach, Barbarossa Paros, La Zucca, Vakko Latelier, and Residences, as the hotel comes to life, each specially designed furniture and lighting can be regarded as a standalone work of art. Caresse focuses on the seamless integration of these art pieces from architectural design to interior design. As an architect, I meticulously depict the vision of each space on canvas with sketches and perspectives, much like a painter, allowing the completion of the artwork to ensue. The artist within me as a professional reflects in the sketches of the project, which, when transformed into an exhibition format, marks the completion and realization of the project. CaresseArt, the realization of the relationship I dreamt of between art and architecture, has matured over the years and symbolizes the moment the final brushstroke of the project will take place. I firmly believe that understanding and embracing the essence of the structure behind the design is an inseparable part of the design itself, as one cannot exist without the other. Caresse has become a highly esteemed attraction in Bodrum, catering to every taste and need with its exceptional amenities. This year, with the Caresse Art of Integrity project, it aims to embrace works by internationally renowned artists, providing its guests with an experience that combines a resort with an art center, elevating its success to new heights through art. Under the leadership of Elçin Sümer and with the valuable investment of the Büyükhanlı Brothers, I am excited and proud to be the creator of this exceptional place.


İç Mimar - Interior Architect

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