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Ceylan Dökmen

The realm illuminated by artistic production is the quest for balance within the movements, changes, and revolutions of human life. I strive to explore the boundaries of the relationship between the city and its inhabitants. Through sculptures, I aim to create new perspectives on urban and social orders, addressing how cities are formed and the dilemmas of the human existence, from the initial creation to the self-imprisonment in the face of nature and its predicaments. In my sculptures, I oscillate between the search for balance and trust, as well as the realms of reality and surrealism. These artworks exist in a delicate realm between settledness and nomadism, supported by the sharpness, delicacy, and fragility of the materials used. My areas of research and themes include alternative living spaces, utopias, city-human relationships, utopian cities, women, female identity, nature, ecology, and justice.

Ceylan Dökmen

Ceylan Dökmen received her education in the Sculpture Department under the guidance of Prof. Rahmi Aksungur, Prof. Meriç Hızal, and Metin Ekiz. She graduated from the Sculpture Department of Marmara University Fine Arts Institute, where she studied under the mentorship of Prof. Nilüfer Ergin and Prof. Nilay Büyükişleyen in 2010. She then pursued Lighting Design education at Politecnico di Milano, enhancing her skills in the integration of light and sculpture. She has participated in various solo and group exhibitions in Italy and Turkey.

Exhibitions she has participated in: 2022 - Open Labyrinth Öktem Aykut Gallery Group Exhibition / Bilgili Holding 2022 - Mitochondrial Eve Tupa Group Exhibition 2021 - Elgiz Museum Future Time Sculpture Exhibition 2020 - Elgiz Museum Sculpture Exhibition Against All Odds 2019 - Elgiz Museum Is There Life in the World? Sculpture Exhibition 2018 - City Art City and Ecology Solo Sculpture Exhibition

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