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Tuğberk Selçuk

My sculptures can be read on two levels. The first level can be interpreted as familiar figures that the eye is accustomed to, and those who choose to read them only in this way unfortunately fail to grasp the true essence of the artworks. The second level of interpretation reveals that madness is not as bad as it appears from a distance in its true context. In this world where growth and seriousness are fundamental, it survives with dull and colorless symbols, just like the survival struggle imposed upon us. Adapting to the status quo in this environment leads to maturity and growth, but it also brings about dullness and loss of color. Through the figures, materials, and techniques I use, I make this subject mortal. In your coloring book, I want to show that venturing beyond boundaries and adding color to the space beyond lines is not as intimidating as it seems and that it does no harm.

Tuğberk Selçuk

Tuğberk Selçuk was born in Istanbul in 1986. He began his education at the Department of Industrial Product Design at Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts in 2005 and later continued his studies at the Department of Sculpture at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts in 2007.

Selçuk, who has had seven solo exhibitions, displayed his works at Artbeat in 2011, CrossRoads II and artON Gallery in 2012, the Encounters: Contemporary Turkish Art in Korea exhibition in Seoul in 2012, Proje4L Elgiz within the context of Terrace Exhibitions in 2012, Siyah Beyaz Sanat Galerisi with the solo exhibition "To Be Nuts" in 2012, Siyah Beyaz Sanat Galerisi with the solo exhibition "Yine Olsa Yine Yaparım" in 2014, his studio with the solo exhibition "Mother's Milk" in 2014, Lahd Gallery in London as part of the 10th-anniversary exhibition in 2015, with the solo exhibition "İçten Yanmalı" in 2018, with the solo exhibition "Eczanelerde" in 2020, with the solo exhibition at The Bodrum Edition in 2020, with the solo exhibition "3 in 1" in Ayvalık in 2020, and with the group exhibition curated by Burak Mert Çiloğlugil at Akbank Sanat in 2021.

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