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Tanju Demirci

anju Demirci was born in Keşan in 1961. He completed his studies at the Department of Painting in the Faculty of Education at Marmara University in 1984. In the same year, he conducted professional research in Italy (Rome, Florence, Assisi, Padua). In 1986, he completed his master's degree at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, in the workshop of Prof. Devrim Erbil. The theoretical contributions of Prof. Adnan Çoker also played a role in the artist's development. Demirci conducted professional research in Germany in 1988. In 1991, he completed his proficiency in art education in the Department of Painting at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.
The artist, whose works can be found in various collections, passed away in 1996.

Tanju Demirci

- Solo Exhibitions: 1988

- Destek Reasurans Art Gallery

- Istanbul 1989 - Mine Art Gallery

- Istanbul 1989

- Lami Art Gallery

- Istanbul 1991

- Galeri Baldem

- Istanbul 1993

- Galeri Baldem - Istanbul

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