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Tamer Şahinoğlu

Inspired by the multicultural structure of the region he is located in, the artist draws inspiration from Anatolia, which has embraced dozens of civilizations throughout history and is the meeting point of Asia and Europe, as well as Turkey's geological richness as a coastal country. His paintings attract the attention of art lovers with their vibrant colors and the inclusion of impasto, spatula, and airbrush techniques to convey stories, including objects. Şahinoğlu, especially starting from the colors and themes of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, derives inspiration from the underwater and above-water realms of the sea, the surrounding vegetation, and the architecture of coastal towns. The artist incorporates the fish, cacti, shipyards, boats, white houses, and sunlight of his living environment in the Aegean into his paintings, establishing his identity with his figurative spatula touches. His mastery lies in expressing the essence beyond the form, using color and technique to reveal what lies beneath the surface. By conveying a certain part of objective reality and his experimental methods on large-scale canvases that he often prefers, Şahinoğlu aims to take art enthusiasts on a journey of discovery.

Tamer Şahinoğlu

Tamer Şahinoğlu was born in Turkey in 1962. He has been interested in all branches of art since childhood and developed his skills in painting, especially during his youth in Istanbul. In 1985, his encounter with the renowned art historian Sezer Tansuğ marked the beginning of his artistic career. Tamer Şahinoğlu's works captured the attention of Sezer Tansuğ, leading him to have the opportunity to meet and be in the studios of Turkey's most famous artists such as Fahir Aksoy, İbrahim Balaban, Mehmet Pesen, and Nedim Günsür under Tansuğ's guidance. In 1990, he held his first group exhibition with these prominent Turkish painters.

Throughout his life, Şahinoğlu has participated in more than 50 group exhibitions and held his first solo exhibition in 1995 at the Istanbul-Beyoğlu Municipality Art Gallery. During his early years, he predominantly created figurative works and went on to have four more solo exhibitions in Istanbul. After moving to Bodrum in 1999, where he currently maintains his studio, Şahinoğlu continues his artistic endeavors with a multidisciplinary approach, creating his works without adhering to any particular movement or discipline. However, in recent years, he has directed his style and technique towards abstract expressionism alongside his solo and group exhibitions.

His paintings are included in collections in various countries such as the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Mexico, and the United States. Most recently, in 2022, he participated in contemporary art fairs in Paris, France, and Miami, USA, where he met international art enthusiasts.

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