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Tamer Nakışçı

Is it possible to see the world as it is? If there were a way for you to look around as if you were seeing the world for the first time, what would you do? We are all surrounded by objects, but how do we really see them? Do we use them? Do they inspire us? Is there a way to regain our consciousness?
I see design and art as a wonderful opportunity to answer these questions, and that's why I create. I work within a broad framework that spans from industrial design to installation, spatial design projects, and more artistic/visual projects. However, at the core of my work, there is always the notion of the future and the quest to discover the unexplored. In this context, I aim to awaken people and bring them back to a world where everything is possible, a time when the future is yet unwritten.
In my opinion, in the coming age, the role of the designer and artist will be more about inspiring people rather than just a form of self-expression. I believe that art has the power to restore our awareness and change our perspective on the things around us.

Tamer Nakışçı

Tamer Nakışçı, an artist with an interdisciplinary approach, was born in Istanbul in 1982. He completed his undergraduate education at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Industrial Design. In 2005, he received his first award by being invited to the prestigious Fiat Advanced Design Concept Lab in Milan. Winning the award with the Nokia 888 concept, the artist approaches ideas, form, emotion, material, and technology with an innovative attitude, driven by a strong vision and curiosity about the future.

Through his interdisciplinary works ranging from industrial design to interactive installations, Tamer Nakışçı creates new scenarios between humans, space, and objects. His designs have been recognized with numerous international awards such as Good Design, Wallpaper Design Awards, IF Product Design Awards. He has participated in important platforms such as Villa Noailles, Royal Academy of Arts, and Art Basel Hong Kong. In 2009, Tamer Nakışçı was included in the "100 Young Talents Shaping the Creative Future of Europe" list by the European Union and is considered one of the 10 Turkish Contemporary Artists that should be recognized according to the international art platform Artsy.

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