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Server Demirtaş

Server Demirtaş was born in Istanbul in 1957. In 1977, he entered the Painting Department of the State Academy of Fine Arts. As an artist who later became part of the Academy, which would later be transformed into Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, he received training at the Devrim Erbil Studio. After graduating in 1984, he collaborated with Adnan Çoker, one of the leading figures of Turkish abstract art.
Despite graduating from the Painting Department, Demirtaş, who has always positioned himself as a sculptor interested in the three-dimensional aspect, created pioneering and impactful works during his early years. He covered newspapers with PVC and constructed layered three-dimensional installations, which became significant works of his era.

Server Demirtaş

In 1987, Demirtaş received the Achievement Award at the "New Trends Exhibition" organized by Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. In 1989, he won the Jury Award at the "Contemporary Artists of Istanbul Exhibition" held at the Painting Sculpture Museum.

Demirtaş's innovative artistic approach, constantly seeking change, led him to the period of moving sculptures, where he combined different machine parts. He creates works in which he combines ready-made materials such as car windshield wipers and bicycle brakes, allowing them to move through gears. With his mechanical sculptures, he is considered one of the significant examples of kinetic sculpture art in Turkey.

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