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Salih Uygun

In the artist's works, portraits, animals, nature, and scenes from the natural world are deconstructed into individual designs, represented through light and energy, and reflect the movement of colors and shapes with harmony and creativity. The artist often employs female figures as a dominant element symbolizing fertility and incorporates imagery representing the renewing power of femininity. As the artist explains, "As a male, I can create life through art."
The artist's body of work is not limited to a single style or working environment. He explores experimental mediums such as digital art, mixed media, and mural painting, alongside generic surfaces like canvas, paper, and fabric. Being open to different art forms has provided him with a broad perspective on art and allows him to combine various art forms to create new styles and unique artworks. His technical palette spans various mediums, including drawing, painting, fabric painting, digital painting, and airbrushing.

Salih Uygun

Salih Uygun was born in Çorum in 1987. He completed his university education at Uludağ University's Department of Fine Arts Education, specializing in the field of Painting. He graduated as a Visual Arts Teacher. His artistic journey began the moment he picked up a pencil and learned to draw. Uygun has been creating art on any surface he could find since the age of five. He had his first group exhibition at the age of 11 and his first solo gallery exhibition at the age of 26. During his university years, he worked as a cartoonist for Leman, one of Turkey's most popular humor magazines. In later years, alongside his Visual Arts teaching career, he engaged in vignette, story illustration, and illustration work for various cultural, art, and literature magazines such as Edebiyatist, Mikrop, Derin Kafa, and Mavi. He achieved awards in international biennials and competitions in the field of engraving between 2005 and 2009.

Salih Uygun, influenced by various styles such as expressionism, minimalism, cubism, and neo-cubism, has opened over 40 group exhibitions and 4 solo exhibitions throughout his career. His latest solo exhibition, featuring a collection of 25 artworks, took place at Artemisia Exhibition Hall in Bodrum.


Exhibition Award at the Bulgarian Printmaking Biennial

Exhibition Award at the Macedonian Printmaking Triennial

Third Prize at the Brazilian Illustration Competition

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