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Nur Akkayalı

Life is a constant state of change and motion. The term "change" or "transformation" is the fundamental concept of dialectical and historical materialism, which is a theory of movement and change. The phenomenon of "dialectical change," known since Heraclitus and influenced by Hegelian idealism, has gained scientific meaning. It is the most general form of existence for all objects and events. Natural, social, and cognitive objects and phenomena constantly change through mutual interaction. Proportional equilibrium states, which appear to be static, are also products of this ongoing change. Permanence is only possible in conceptual abstractions. Proportional or relative equilibrium states can persist for a long time according to human standards, but eventually their form and characteristics will change, even if the underlying continuous change is ignored. Transformation is change. Aristotle used this term to mean transitioning from one state to another in mutual relations. According to Aristotle, there are three types of change: transitioning from non-being to being (birth), transitioning from being to non-being (death), and transitioning from being to being (movement). The essence of art is a reflection of human emotions, thoughts, and existence. The theme of rebirth and personal deformation will be a representation of art's continuous transformation and evolution. The artworks in the exhibition reveal the intertwined nature of personal and social processes and the power of rebirth as a means of change and growth. Every individual is reborn at different stages of their lives. These transformations arise as a result of our experiences and learning. Rebirth offers us a chance to bring forth our inner powers, transform our minds and hearts, and reshape the meaning of our lives. Personal deformation is a reflection of the continuous evolution and change of our identities. As individuals, we have unique stories shaped by internal and external influences.

This exhibition reflects the various aspects of personal deformation, exploring the complexity and beauty of our characters and lives. Our moments of enlightenment, brought about by the different perspectives that the movement in the circle of life brings, allow us to view the same events and thoughts from different angles, just like an equinox. Everything we perceive and think, flowing in the stream of life, leaves a trace of light on the canvas of our dreams and initiates motion. The winds of life scatter the grains of sand within us, shaping them into new forms over time. Passing through the filter of metamorphosis, each experience reshapes us and transforms us into a work of art that tells a completely different story. Moments filled with love, loss, and hope leave their mark on the story of our lives. With the power of rebirth, we are born anew in the eternal cycle, becoming stronger, wiser, and more determined with each iteration. We embrace the constantly changing and adaptive aspects of our identity. Our flaws and victories form the diverse colors and textures of our lives, making us unique. When we turn our eyes to the mysterious world of symbolism, we discover universal connections and meanings. Symbols reflect the boundless creativity of the human mind and the power of our shared stories. With this manifesto, we take a step towards looking at the faces and identities of people in the enchanted world of change from different windows, focusing on the equinoxes created by motion. Through the dance of metamorphosis, rebirth, and deformation, we aim to embark on a journey in the limitless universe of art. This journey is an impressive and abstract expression of inner discoveries and transformations. Now is the time to look at our faces again, may your solstice be colorful, and may you be illuminated like an equinox.

Nur Akkayalı

Nur Akkayalı was born in 1996 in Izmir. In 2015, she began her academic journey by enrolling in the Fashion Design and Textile Department at Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts. She has participated in various group and solo exhibitions. The artist continues her work in Izmir.

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