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Mustafa Ağatekin

I derive the themes of my exhibitions from my personal experiences. The works in this exhibition are part of a series titled "Araf," which is a reflection of a period that has matured through a situation I have been deeply involved in recently. In its figurative sense, "Araf" describes a state of being in-between, while in religious texts, it signifies a place between heaven and hell. In both meanings, Araf represents being in the middle of two things, the inability to choose and being trapped. It is a distinctly human condition that many of us frequently encounter in our lives—being stuck in limbo. The artworks in this exhibition bring forth the cycles of dilemmas faced by individuals trapped behind flawless, ostentatious simulations. In other words, the "Araf" between my own reality and dreams takes shape within the glass. The transparency of forms represents a structure that renders masses invisible, symbolizing everything around us. It is a mass that we cannot see or define, but one in which we are trapped, with figures rebelling and waiting within this void of mass. From another perspective, they are the ones trapped in their own void, and this exhibition tells the tale of their myths.

Mustafa Ağatekin

Mustafa Ağatekin was born in Edremit, Balıkesir in 1967. He graduated from the Ceramic Department of Anadolu University's School of Applied Fine Arts in 1991. In 1993, he completed his master's degree in Ceramic Art at the Institute of Social Sciences, Anadolu University, and in 2003, he obtained his proficiency in art degree from the same institute. Ağatekin has held 15 solo exhibitions in Turkey and participated in numerous national and international group exhibitions and events.

Starting his artistic journey with ceramics, Ağatekin began working with glass in 2002. Combining ceramics and glass using his own developed techniques, the artist has been predominantly focused on glass works in recent years. He has received four awards from national competitions in Turkey. Currently, he works as a Professor and the Head of the Glass Department at Anadolu University's Faculty of Fine Arts. Ağatekin's artworks are featured in museums and private collections.

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