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Mert Ege Köse

Mert Ege Köse's artworks are observed in a distinct dynamism between chance and routine, reflected in the shiny reflections of aluminum. Köse uses materials such as metal, aluminum, brass, and sometimes copper in his productions, transferring his plastic works through abstract sculptures. The natural, smooth, and sometimes routine flow of colorless and neutral aluminum seen in the sculptures creates a contrasting harmony with the colorful, curved, and, in Köse's own words, "cheerful" aluminum pieces in some of his works. While natural aluminum creates a cold and leaden dullness, the repeated aluminum pieces within vivid and rhythmic patterns allude to the variable nature, bright, and allegorical approaches of plastic production. The sculptures offer indications of Köse's inclinations between coincidence and planning or didacticism and ambiguity. Aluminum, with its easy bendability in its physiological conditions and its ability to quickly take shape, transforms into an integrated form by combining materials through welding. Abstract sculptures with a specific semi-open composition are meticulously constructed layer by layer, creating a delicate flow based on information, spirituality, and nature within the framework of subjects such as science-art, life-world. The apparent oval and angular forms observed in the sculptures are observed within an infinite momentum, while each form also emerges as a limited, planned, and orderly strategy. Köse's sculptures, structured with a disciplined work discipline and a blend of creativity, present a distinct order within the relationship of part to whole, and as one moves from the general to the specific, each part, within its own aura, turns into a reflection of order within disorder.
Within the contemporary art context, the artworks do not refer to a specific expression, thought, or situation in a didactic and objective manner. However, they carry twisted, hidden references to all the evolutionary and communicative processes that humanity, the world, and nature have gone through, from the dusty corridors of art history to the present day. Köse refrains from offering a sharp image and, instead, opens a door to abstract, ambiguous, and individual narratives based on the sense of creating eternal values about the world. Köse's sculptures take the viewer into their own abstract universe, imprison them, take them on a journey within the repeated rows of aluminum, and individualize them between the layers of subjective stories. Regardless of how objective and centered on the artist's narrative the artwork may be, it creates new content for each viewer, and the meaning load changes with every gaze. While the aura of the artwork abstractly conveys everyday and current narratives on a societal scale, the awakened sensation in the viewer becomes new, experimental, and, moreover, a synthesis of a subjective and personal narrative. The dialogue established by Köse's creations is observed in the viewer's individual understanding, perception, and transmission within a balance of alternatives and linearity in contemporary art. The sculptures create sharp pieces and smooth surfaces, generating millions of variable possibilities.

Mert Ege Köse

 Mert Ege Köse was born in Istanbul in 1990. He graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts High School in 2009, ranking third in his class. In the same year, he earned a full scholarship to the Visual Arts Department of F.M.V. Işık University's Faculty of Fine Arts. He completed his studies and graduated in 2013. In 2013, he established his own metal sculpture workshop. In 2014, he gained admission to the Sculpture Master's Program at the Fine Arts Institute of Marmara University. In 2015, he became the Asaşsanat Manager within Asaş Aluminum. He currently continues his role as the Asaşsanat Manager.

Köse has participated in numerous domestic and international exhibitions, including four solo exhibitions. He continues to create large-scale metal sculptures for public and institutional projects.

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