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Kübra Doğu

A developed dystopian narrative centered around hedonism forms the basis of my work. Within this narrative, I approach the human experience with an evolutionary and dynamic perspective. I capture moments that I am influenced by, as if observing a wildlife documentary. When I transfer them onto the canvas, they become the reflections of these observations within me. At times, I also focus on my own role within this narrative and become part of the frame through deep analysis.

Kübra Doğu

Kübra Doğu was born in Bursa in 1988. She graduated from Uludağ University's Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and completed her postgraduate education at the Institute of Social Sciences. During this time, she engaged in academic research on "Creativity and Innovation."

Since childhood, Kübra has been expressing the impact of personal experiences and observed events through figures and colors. Adapting her style according to the phases of life, she has been producing works using acrylic and oil painting techniques on canvas for the past ten years.

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