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Kristin Dembny

"Gangster - Good Buy America Part II" Series
Black and white FBI photographs serve as a template for the artist to transform and apply her own painterly colors in creating these new works. The life of criminals, prohibitions, freedom... Acting according to one's own moral rules, principles of loyalty, disregarding daily social norms, crossing/ignoring boundaries, targeted relationships, and gaining power through corruption... The visible allure of this life is as appealing to the viewer as it is repulsive.
"Gangsters - Washed Characters" Series This series consists of portraits of famous gangsters and criminals from 20th century America.

Kristin Dembny

Kristin Dembny was born in Germany and received education in ceramics and painting. The artist worked on portrait painting in Barcelona and graduated from the art academy in Düsseldorf. Since 2004, she has been continuing her work in her studio in Düsseldorf. In 2006, she received the Kaiserswerther Kunstpreis Art Award.

Exhibitions: Solo Exhibitions: 2016 - Galerie ARTraum, Kaarst 2015 - Commerzbank, Düsseldorf 2012 - Diakonie Zentrum plus, Düsseldorf 2010 - Kunstprofil, Düsseldorf 2009 - Salzlandtheater, Stassfurth 2009 - Galerie Noah, Glaspalast, Kunstmuseum Walter, Augsburg 2008 - Kunsthandel Antonia von Fraunberg, Düsseldorf 2007 - Galerie F.G.Conzen, Düsseldorf 2007 - Theatermuseum Düsseldorf 2006 - Museum Kaiserswerth, Düsseldorf 2004 - Kunstfabrik, Düsseldorf

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