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Gürsel Soyel

Cemal Gürsel Soyel was born in Cyprus in 1961. He has his roots in painting coming from Vienna and has been living in Vienna since 1986. He graduated from the Neşet Günal and Neşe Erdok Atelier in 1986. In his first solo exhibition in Turkey, he created his own images and spaces using gray tones and broad brushstrokes, aiming to question the relationship between color and surface for the viewers.

Gürsel Soyel

Soyel is interested in the traces left by people unconsciously in cities. He depicts the transformation of colorful and shiny posters plastered all over the city. He presents the images we use as a means of contemporary communication to the viewers as pastel rhythm landscapes and white-gray spots. Soyel aims to create a plastic value by visualizing this spontaneous collective urban heritage.

Soyel held his latest solo exhibition at Pi Artworks in 2010. His other solo exhibitions include Galerie dieMonopol in Innsbruck, Austria in 2008, Burgenland-Austellung im Moorhorf in 2004, Vienna-Austellung im Atelier in 2002, and HP Gallery in Cyprus in 1994.

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