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Gökhan Doğan

Experiential Interactive Digital Artwork Ebru: The artist processes the motifs of traditional art form "ebru" through coding, depth perception, and artificial intelligence technology, translating them into a digital art experience that involves the interaction of the viewer, artwork, time, and space.

Gökhan Doğan

Gökhan Doğan has been involved in Digital Art production for over 10 years. He has participated in numerous international festivals and continues his work in Istanbul. He is the Co-Founder of GDDART Digital Art Studios, Co-Founder of Banliyo Sound and Music Studios, and a member of the TOBB Turkey Creative Industries Council. Additionally, he serves as a faculty member teaching Digital Arts and Digital Game Design at Istanbul Aydın University.

Doğan is recognized under the pseudonym "badqode" on social media and platforms, primarily focusing on his own concept of "Badqode" and the concept of exhibition. He produces works in the field of digital art sculptures and interactive digital art experiences, data visualization artworks, and cinematic animation films.

Exhibitions and Events: 2015 - Ars Electronica 2016 - IMAPP 2017 - Ars Electronica Deep Space 2017 - Burning Man 2018 - Walt Disney Concert Hall Dreams with Refik Anadol 2019 - Burning Man 2019 - TerminalV Festival 2019 - Immersive Art Festival Paris / Atelier des Lumières, COMETA / Odunpazarı Modern Museum Harmony of Feelings Kinetic Data Sculpture / BMW 2 Series... Co-Founder @GDDART & @BANLIYO

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