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Eyüp Can Yeter

"I don't create artworks to produce art pieces. I merge what my soul makes me feel with my art.

In the resulting piece, it is crucial for me that the viewer feels the same soul. That's why I don't adhere to any specific material or technique.

The expression of the areas I have developed myself actually gives me a niche opportunity within the field of art. In speaking walls, I combine the education I've received in architecture, interior design, and sociology with my long years of self-improvement in the dough of art.

I feel that my works are examined in a compositional manner.
The introduction; the moment the visitor first sees it, experiences a shock, and asks themselves, 'Is this real?'
The development; the moment they examine the details and notice.

The conclusion; I consider it as the moment when they experience the feeling the artwork conveys.

Fully infusing this soul into my works can sometimes take years. In the formation of an artwork, I have no concern for time. Once it seizes my soul, the creation of my artwork is complete. Because I don't want to preserve my created pieces based on the concept of time. I focus on what all of humanity experiences, detached from time and space."

Eyüp Can Yeter

Eyüp Can Yeter was born in Trabzon in 1995. He spent his educational years in the city where he was born and raised. He cultivated his interest in art and painting through special talent exam preparation courses and earned a full scholarship to the Interior Architecture Department of Eurasia University. In his second year, he completed a minor in Architecture, and in the same year, he opened his own workshop. As a devoted artist, he dedicated all his time to art, offering private lessons in charcoal drawing, perspective, technical drawing, and 3D modeling. In 2017, he also began studying Sociology. During and after his undergraduate studies, he participated in various competitions and events related to architecture, sculpture, and entrepreneurship, achieving notable rankings. In 2019, he founded ARCHART Inc., which provides services in the field of architectural engineering, where he designed and implemented numerous architectural projects. In the field of engineering, he developed patented products based on R&D and designed and implemented various architectural projects.

In 2020, he shifted his focus to sculpture and created works under the title "Speaking Walls," including pieces titled "The First Moment of Death," "Migrant Mother," "Child in the Mirror," "Flow," and "In the Perspective of Atatürk." In 2023, he began sharing his works with art enthusiasts, meeting them at numerous fairs and exhibitions in Istanbul, Ankara, and Bodrum, and continues to do so.

As an artist, he continues to memorialize and preserve many moments, much like the cave walls witnessed humanity's existence 50,000 years ago, now manifested in the walls of plazas - moments of happiness, sorrow, and excitement - by transforming them into three-dimensional forms.

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