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Ebru Ceylan

"An artist must possess a warrior spirit, be determined and ready to evolve, not only within the realm they exist in but also within themselves, capable of transcending their weaknesses. What matters is not the art form you practice, but the perspective from which you create that art."
Marina Abramovic
In defiance of the times we live in and the experiences imposed upon us by society, the perception of an artist should be timeless. To keep up with timelessness, one must be courageous enough to evolve and open to new experiences. Based on this belief, in all of my work, I invite both myself and those who witness my art to evolve, emphasizing the importance of mutual dialogues within the process. Change happens through diversity. By coming together with individuals of different ideas and thoughts, we evolve. The vision of my artistic perspective is to present a world that is timeless, placeless, boundless, and courageous enough to adapt to all diversities. An artist is devoid of interpretations; they express the world as they see it, allowing the witnesses to question reality, engage, and ultimately bring about change.
As Marina stated, "What matters is not the art form you practice, but the perspective from which you create that art."

Ebru Ceylan

Ebru Ceylan, a painter and art economist, was born in 1984 in Düzce, Turkey. She received her primary, middle, and high school education in Bursa. After studying Computer Engineering and Tax Audit at Dumlupınar University and Economics at Anadolu University, she pursued studies in Art Economics at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Alongside her artistic endeavors, she has been working as a business development specialist in art projects for many years.

Ceylan held her first solo exhibition during her university years and in 2015, she opened her first professional exhibition series titled "Speaking Paintings." "Speaking Paintings Literary-Eternal," which became Turkey's first audio-described exhibition, came to life through narrations of the stories behind the paintings by different artists. In total, this exhibition series reached art enthusiasts in 12 different cities, including various locations in Turkey. The album featuring the narrations of the exhibition's stories was released and donated to the TEMA Foundation, reaching nearly 10 million listeners. On February 21, 2020, the artist inaugurated the "Samsara" exhibition, marking the first step of the Samsara Multidisciplinary Art Platform where she had worked for many years. In this exhibition, she developed the concept of Neuroart, which was applied for the first time in the world. The exhibition provided a unique experience to art enthusiasts using brain imaging devices and eye-tracking glasses, and a scientific measurement was conducted. The question of "Does art change a person?" was posed in the exhibition, and the scientific measurements provided evidence that art indeed transforms individuals. This study was the first of its kind. As a result of this work, she received the 2021 Innovation and Social Benefit Award at the Baykuş Awards given by the Turkish Researchers Association. The artist continues her work on the "Samsara" project.

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