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Doğu Çankaya

Artist Statement: "Art is not something created by those who are content with its existence, but by those who suffer from its absence."
Doğu Çankaya
In Doğu Çankaya's "Home" series, he refers to the concept of "yuvadır" in Turkish, which translates to "home" in English. However, a "yuva" is distinct from a "home." A home refers to an architectural structure, a functional space. On the other hand, a "yuva" is a concept with emotional weight. It is a place where we feel protected, included, supported, and where the door is always open. It represents a sense of security and belonging. Additionally, as a metaphor, "yuva" alludes to an experience that transcends physical space. Sometimes, a "yuva" can be a person or people. While a home can be cold, a "yuva" is always warm.
The paintings and sculptures comprising the series represent the cocoon of human desires, efforts, and human mysteries. The common habitat of all living beings is the Earth. In this context, the "Home" series represents Doğu's mental and sensory construct of the Earth and the "yuva." Structurally, this series presents a visual puzzle and exploration space that viewers can engage with, filled with breathing voids and unique symbols (or the artist's codes) scattered among the figures.
Dr. İpek Çankaya Comparative Cultural Researcher, Curator

Doğu Çankaya

 Doğu Çankaya is a painter and sculptor. Based in Istanbul, Çankaya has a studio in Moda/Istanbul. However, he spends a significant portion of the year and carries out his productions in his converted century-old stone house and garden studio in Bodrum. He is deeply engaged in the visual arts field. His paintings exhibit content and formal diversity while maintaining a process-driven continuity. His works draw inspiration from art history, world literature, linguistics, and philosophy. His artistic approach is unique and diverges from conventional patterns. He has no commercial affiliation with any institution or entity within the art market. Instead, he primarily showcases his works through solo exhibitions at Halka Sanat Projesi, an independent art initiative where he is a co-founder and consistent supporter since 2011, as well as participating in contemporary art fairs and group exhibitions with Halka or independently. Additionally, his works are showcased in collaborative exhibition spaces and initiatives both domestically and internationally. Doğu Çankaya is also a Hyperbaric Medicine and Underwater Diseases Specialist.


2000 - 2006: KargART - Istanbul 2009: Kadıköy İDO Sanat Galerisi 2011 - Present: Halka Sanat Projesi 2012 - 2013: Teşvikiye GaleriMiz - Istanbul 2013: Dibeklihan - Bodrum 2012 - 2015: Bonnafont Gallery San Francisco 2016: Trafo - Bodrum 2016: DEPO - Istanbul 2014 - 2021: Contemporary Istanbul International Contemporary Art Fair - Istanbul 2022: Art Chamber Bomontiada - Istanbul 2021 - 2022 - 2023: MeRQez Art Alternative Art Space - Bodrum

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