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Bedia Dipşo

Bedia Dipşo, born in Düzce in 1956, passed away on January 28, 2017, due to a heart attack at her home in Bodrum. The artist's mosaic work titled "Chameleon" is exhibited at the Bodrum Open Air Museum.

Bedia Dipşo

Bedia Dipşo began her artistic career with traditional figure studies. In subsequent years, the artist deconstructed the figures and took her composition construction to the point of abstraction. Dipşo's art took shape within the process of development and reached its culmination in her recent works. The artist's serene and minimalist abstract works are the products of her journey. Bedia Dipşo was always in search and constantly striving to create new things. Light, rhythm, and movement became three significant elements that strengthened her compositions and served as ideal choices to reflect the conceptual foundation for tranquility. Tranquility is evident in the earthy tones used and the harmony achieved through rhythm. All of these are not mere coincidences, of course. The artist achieved this harmony through the connection she established between the figure and text. Text is important for the art of nature. Bedia Dipşo and her husband, painter Yavuz Tanyeli, are two artists who believe in the significance of nature and strive to highlight its distinctive elements. Additionally, text is a collection of values that emphasize the conceptual structure. In short, text provided the artist with both a scientific language and numerous possibilities for interpretation. Bedia Dipşo presented these opportunities to her audience with a unique distinctiveness. Throughout her life, Bedia Dipşo secured her place among the unforgettable "master female painters" in our art history with her original and powerful works.

Exhibitions: Online Exhibitions: 2013 - "Space and Stain" - Bedia Dipşo - Galeri Espas 2011 - Bedia Dipşo Workshop Exhibition 2011 - "None" - Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları 2011 - Bedia Dipşo Workshop Exhibition 2011 - Bedia Dipşo Workshop Exhibition 2010 - Bedia Dipşo Workshop Exhibition

Solo Exhibitions: 2013 - "Space and Stain" - Galeri Espas - Istanbul 2011 - "None" - Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları - Istanbul 2008 - Ic Gallery - Ankara 2006 - Seher Sanat Galerisi 2005 - Eklisia - Bodrum 2004 - Akademililer Sanat Galerisi 2003 - Galeri Artist - Istanbul 2002 - Seher Sanat Galerisi

Group Exhibitions: 2011 - Istanbul Summer Exhibition - Antrepo 5 Sanat Limanı - Istanbul 2010 - Artist-Tüyap Art Fair - Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları 2009 - Artist-Tüyap Art Fair 2009 - My Name is Casper - Sümerbank Exhibition 2009 - 44A Art Gallery - Summer Collection 2009 - 44A Art Gallery 2008 - Gathering of Caucasian Origin Painters 2005 - Tüyap Art Fair 2004 - Seçkin Erk - İlayda Art Gallery 2004 - Gathering of Caucasian Origin Painters 2004 - Ankart - Ankara Contemporary Art Fair 2004 - Kooperati 2003 - Gathering of Caucasian Origin Painters 2003 - Kargart - Kargaşa 2003 - Ankart - Ankara Contemporary Art Fair 2003 - Tüyap Art Fair 2002 - Gathering of Caucasian Origin Painters 2002 - Kargart - Kargaşa

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