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Arezo Khosroshahi

Arezo Khosroshahi, born in 1982 in Tehran, is an artist whose works primarily focus on visual arts. She began her artistic journey at a young age, exploring the world of painting. In 2007, she moved to Toronto, Canada, where she pursued her education in Fine Arts at York University. During her time in Toronto, she also worked as a private art education teacher for four years.
Khosroshahi has been actively involved in the art scene, working with renowned art platforms such as Galerist Istanbul, Pilevneli Project, and Mamut Art Project. Her artworks have been exhibited in various exhibitions in Toronto and Istanbul, showcasing her unique artistic perspective.

Arezo Khosroshahi

Currently, Khosroshahi continues her artistic endeavors in Istanbul, Izmir, and Toronto, where she explores and creates thought-provoking pieces that address important societal and environmental issues. Her works often reflect her concerns about the consequences of human actions, the interconnectedness of our world, and the need for proactive approaches to global challenges.

Through her art, Khosroshahi aims to raise awareness, educate, and inspire viewers to actively engage with critical issues and transform passive mindsets into proactive ones. Her passion for art and her commitment to addressing pressing matters make her an artist dedicated to using her creativity as a means of communication and change.

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