Art not only helps people define themselves and others, but also serves as a means of communication between societies. In terms of tourism, it has an important role in the development of social structures by supporting cultural dialogue and economic exchange. Art and tourism are the main source of individual and social cultural exchange.

The rapid development and popularization of contemporary art has made art tourism one of the main topics of tourism. Many countries and cities increase their tourist potential by contributing to the global image of art tourism with their artists, artworks and artistic events. As countries highlight their cultural and artistic richness, they attract tourists with a high level of education and desire to learn, who are curious about the cultural richness of the region they are traveling to and who include art locations as a priority in their travel plans. In this way, local artists and art institutions are supported and artistic, cultural and economic exchange can be developed on a global scale.

For this reason, Caresse Luxuary Resort and Spa Bodrum, one of the most valuable points of culture and tourism locally and globally, which has been approaching art and artists gracefully with its architecture and tourism approach since its establishment in Bodrum, brings together ……. artists and ……. While creating Caresse Art, we focused on two main objectives. The first of these is to open our doors to art tourism under the leadership of Caresse Bodrum, to host local and foreign art-loving tourists and to support cultural, artistic and economic exchange. Our other aim was to support the representation, art and economic values of our artists, to bring them together with this integrative organization and to open new doors of experience for them through this project.

While determining the theme of Caresse Art for 2023, we decided on the theme of Artistic Integrity, focusing on the integrative nature of art from micro to macro. The concept of Artistic Integrity is based on the principle of ensuring integrity by considering elements such as shape, color, form, texture, repetition, proportion, distance-proximity and alignment in the work of art. We aimed to offer an art experience integrated with the architecture, nature and spirit of the space by considering this integrity as art-space integrity. We aimed for this integrity, in which art feeds the space and architecture, to reach a macro level with the inclusion of those who reach art in this journey.

In Turkey’s first and unique art project that we realized with the theme of “Artistic Integrity”, we have placed the works of artists from different regions of Turkey, with different disciplines and unique in their fields in harmony with the architecture of Caresse Bodrum, and we have created an artistic festival that started in June 2023 and continued until May 2024. This innovative artistic approach, which we have named with the theme of “Artistic Integrity”, we have ensured that a campus that has been shaped in accordance with art in the artistic reality of architecture and landscape is crowned with works that have the care of artistic service understanding. This crowning, as in the world, this time hosted by an institution, we have provided art management with an important fiction in which qualified interaction of Turkish artists is one of the primary goals.

Curator : Elçin Sümer